Career History

I began my career of Hair, Makeup and Design at the age of 15, when I introduced a new initiative for recycling to my home town and highschool. Whilst this had no bearing on my current skill set, it did enable me to utilise and hone my design skills, designing a logo concept to be used on stationary and letterheads, and any publications pertaining to the initiative.

It was around this time that I found a natural flair for hair design and styling. I could quite often be found braiding classmates locks, or cutting and colouring from home as a way to make a profit while I was studying.

The following year I made the decision to leave school, my hometown, and my family, for a life in the city, which is where my life finally took off. I knocked on every salon door I could see, and that was when I found HeadQuarters – a purpose built salon that housed its hair stylists-in-training. It was there that I learnt the key fundamentals of a good stylist, and during which I also gained experience in the hair, makeup and fashion industry.

During my time studying there I met with a renown fashionista, Konrad Kahuroa, whose eye for fashion surpassed many I had met before him. Konrad took a risk and asked me to come on-board with his latest runway project, where I learnt the skills needed to dress and style models for photo shoots, and it was this experience that lead me to become the lead graphic designer for all the advertising and publications involved for the show.

After completing my briefs for the runway show, I was approached by Public Health South, a group affiliated with the Dunedin City Council, to design and produce a logo to be used for their upcoming Youth Expo, a design that is still used to this day, 14 years later.

The following year I began working in a Salon and Day Spa, utilising my hairdressing and makeup design skills for several competitions, one notably, Wella Photographics. Unfortunately our team did not place, however the experience gave me a taste for work behind the lens, something I still avidly pursue today. That same year I had the privilege of working on the film set of “The Worlds Fastest Indian” where I cut and styled hair for extras that was key to the era the film was set, and where I met acclaimed actor Sir Anthony Hopkins. I knew from that moment I wanted to excel in this industry so I could gain more experiences like that.

Since then I have gained qualifications in Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Makeup Design and Production, and gained skills in the areas of 3D Animation and Visual FX.

I have now been hairdressing for 15 years, working in many salons between Australia and New Zealand, and although hairdressing is my passion, I would love to challenge myself and my skills further in the field of Barbering, and hopefully managing my own, if not somebody else’s business. I am self-reliant, self-managed, with a flare and eye for detail. I  work well in a team environment, enjoy taking new and challenging projects, and confident and well educated in all aspects of hairdressing, and bring with me a positive attitude, great people and communication skills, and strong emphasis on perfection.